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Game over man, game over!

It is done. Kahlya bought Maggie's wish.

I'll post some logs and such and announce it in the LJ. After that I'll probably shut the community down. The SAB site will likely be up a few years until I get paranoid about someone finding it and take that down too. I don't end to hide my gaming when I'm higher profile, but I don't intend for the logs to be available either.
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Loot distribution (partial)

Equipment distribution as discussed in the last entry:

  • Tim: Depleted Uranium Shield, see-invisibility goggles, EP potion (3), HP potion (1)

  • Kahlya: Asbestos cloak, buff potion (2), EP potion (3), returning crystal.

  • Yuri: Gun from will, ceramic body-armor, buff potion (1). HP potion (1)

  • Yvonne: Overload crystal(1), HP potion (1), buff potion (1), remedy, dispel wand.

  • Maggie: Overload crystal (1), laser sight, buff potion (1), HP potion (1), phoenix down (1), dorky metal helmet.

  • Ren: Laser sight, HP potion (1).

  • Breaker: Blood seeking gloves, natural weapon potion, buff potion.

Unclaimed listCollapse )

These aren't fixed but they seem like a reasonable starting point. Yvonne had shown interest in multiple potions, but I'm starting her with just one of each she requested until I see that nobody else is claiming them.

[Updated after discussion with Rowyn and Cham's comment.]
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SAB Website is updated

Updates of note:

  • More declassified logs. With minimal exceptions, the only logs yet to be posted involve Yvonne. Everything else is up or isn't likely to be put up. Yvonne stuff will go up after the game ends.

  • First session of Devil's Due posted.

  • How Yuri got her Will back is also posted.

  • End plots for Ren and Kahlya are also up there, but they've been up for a while.